Source Your POWER.

Express youR PASSION.

Live Your PURPOSE.

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Courses to immediately impact your life:
Fast-Start Your Awakened-Alpha Masculinity
4 Elements of Unsinkable Relationships
The Four Stages of Explosive Growth
And more…. 


Programs to manifest the reality you want:
Master the Inner Game 
The Set-up for Success
Flow and Abundance
Alpha Love and Relating
Living Leadership
And more...


Personal, Executive, and Team Coaching to:
Break through upper-limits 
Accomplish more with less
Double your results

Live leadership and excellence
Multiply your power and integrate your fears


Transformational keynote speaking that leaves lasting impact and catalyses expansion and evolution for: corporate or private events, podcast interviews, radio shows, meetups, conferences, seminars, men’s groups, leadership offsites, and more...


Adam C.


"[Alpha Awakened] gave me the tools and skills I needed to hold myself accountable, stay focused and grounded, and become the leader my team needed me to be. Alpha Awakened gave me the tools to be a confident man and hold myself to that standard on a regular basis."

Lars K.

VP of Sales

"Alpha Awakened helped me realize and start to embody the fundamental principles of modern masculinity. I've seen amazing results so far, and am excited for the future."

Andrew R. 

Company Director

"I'd recommend [Alpha Awakened]  to anyone who actually wants to set aside their bullshit, pursue their deepest calling, and make a difference in the world."

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Who We Are


John Taylor

John Taylor is a Personal and Executive Coach for CEOs, Founders, and individuals. He helps them achieve peak performance and expand their impact in the world, while living fully actualized lives. 

On his days off John climbs mountains, kite-boards, and plays guitar.

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Chen Lehner

Helps entrepreneurs deliver their message and gift into the world online and offline. He is a graduate of the Interchange Counseling Institute and has studied human transformation and evolution for over six years.

He loves dancing, talking marketing strategy, and rock climbing

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Prosperity Principles

The Prosperity Principles and Our Core Operating Values:


There is only one true state in the universe: and that is the state of abundance, unending, and continuous.


It is only WE that create scarcity… and scarcity does not prove the lack of abundance.


Scarcity is a state created by being disconnected from abundance, and comes when focus is limited to the wellbeing of the self, yet,   “What serves one, serves none.”


Prosperity is a state created from connection to abundance, and comes when focus is put on the wellbeing of the system and on the whole,  “What serves the whole, serves us all.”


From these principles:


We are here to Serve; All of our actions, products, services, and offerings are:


In the highest interest of All; the planet, its inhabitants, and all beings

For the purpose of awakening to humanity’s highest potential.

Our Mission

Help you awaken your Power, your Passion, and your Purpose... to create the next level of what is possible for yourself, the planet, and humankind.

Alpha Awakened was founded by John Taylor, a Personal and Executive Coach for CEOs, Founders, executives, business owners and individuals who seek peak performance, want to expand their success and impact in the world, and live fully actualized lives.

After thousands of hours of one on one and corporate coaching, from Start-ups to Fortune 50's, John was clear that he wanted to provide the same benefits to people throughout the world who are ready to step into their greatness, regardless of their position or status. Out of that realization and commitment, Alpha Awakened, and The Prosperity Principles, were birthed.

We help you become who it takes to change the world... By offering a roadmap to building internal and external structures which multiply your capabilities, enable significant achievements, and accelerate your ability to make lasting, positive impact.

You know that in order to truly achieve your deepest aspirations and meet your highest goals, you must first master yourself. You must Source your Power, Express your Passion, and Live your Purpose.

It's time to Embrace Your Greatness.



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