What would it be like to live your life knowing you could achieve anything you set your sights on?


To create the connections, love, and friendships that make a difference in your life and the lives of everyone around you?


And to become the influence and agent for change that you know yourself to be, and the world is calling for?


I agree…


It’d feel damn good.


With that in mind, we have taken the last two years developing and refining the Alpha Awakened platform, courses, and programs, and are excited to announce that they are now available to support you.


If you, like us, are here to be a change agent living a fully actualized life, and seek the structures, ideas, and experiences that accelerate your evolution... You will find courses on:


Mastering the Inner Game

Living Leadership

Creating Unsinkable Relationships

Fast Starting your Alpha Masculinity



And all of the content and all of the community that you will find, are based around our principles. We’ve come to call them our Prosperity Principles:


- There is only one true state in the universe: and that is the state of abundance, unending, and continuous.


- It is only WE that create scarcity… and scarcity does not prove the lack of abundance.


- Scarcity is a state created by being disconnected from abundance, and comes when focus is limited to the wellbeing of the self, yet,   “What serves one, serves none.”


- Prosperity is a state created from connection to abundance, and comes when focus is put on the wellbeing of the system and on the whole,  “What serves the whole, serves us all.”


From these principles:


- Our courses are, and will always be, available to all those who seek them, on a pay what you want basis.


In short: we created this content for you, to serve you on your path and help you take the next step in your evolution.


We invite you to go to >> www.alphaawakened.com << , and experience the material we’ve created.


In the coming months we will be creating additional courses including:


-> The Set-up for Success

-> Flow and Abundance

-> Alpha Love and Relating


And a series of other content to accelerate you on your path.


If you are inspired by our work, sign up for our email list on our website to receive updates on the new courses and program releases.


And please, send us any of your thoughts and feedback; we’d love to hear from you, and know how to support you even further.


In Service,


John and Chen

P.S. Like what we’re doing and want to share it with your audience? Do you have a podcast, list, or audience who would benefit from what we do? We’re happy to offer you any of the content on our platform. Please send me a PM telling me a bit about what you do and we’ll open the dialogue from there.