The Alpha Awakened courses will awaken you to your higher states of being and have an immediate impact in and upon your life.


Each course provides powerful frameworks that help you examine your life from new perspectives. You will see exactly where your existing patterns, beliefs, and limitations are keeping you from experiencing your true power, freedom, and pleasure.


By engaging in active and “non-linear” learning, you accelerate the awakening of your full potential by creating the fundamental structures to quickly upgrade your thoughts, emotions and physical self. 

The exercises and "Life-play" have you BECOME the breakthrough.

Like riding a bicycle, once you learn and master it, you will always know how to "ride," anytime, anywhere.


Example benefits of our courses:


You will learn how to: 


  • Live and act from your highest alignment (Aligning your Body, Emotions, and Mind)

  • Generate and master your emotional state(s), in any situation

  • Architect beliefs that serve you

  • Create powerful new ways-of-being that increase your influence and impact

  • Release behavior patterns that don't serve you

  • Build and maintain relationships that can weather any storm

  • Expand your capacity for sensation, leadership and expression

  • and much more…


What would it feel like to have the willpower, influence, and confidence to achieve your goals, manifest your desires, and love freely?

In four weeks you will:


  • Become a master of generating willpower

  • Take control of your emotional state(s)

  • Architect your beliefs

  • Align with your higher values and True Self​