What would it feel like to use proven frameworks to “up-level” your ability to generate the results you desire and accelerate your growth - in record time?

Alpha Awakened creates unique group programs to create rapid, profound, and lasting breakthroughs in personal and professional domains.


If you are still sitting in the the bleachers and watching from the sidelines, it’s time for you to get on the field. The clock is ticking, the play is about to begin, and your place is here on the field - it’s where you belong.

Life is the game of awakening to your fullest power and potential and we invite you to play full-out.


Are you ready to get on the field?


Examples of past programs:

A four-week immersion for men to create unshakable confidence, lasting, dynamic, and evolutionary relationships with the women of their dreams, and embody the full range of their power.


We task participants to turn inwards and face their fears through a systematized process of self-inquiry. All participants are required to “lean-in” to their fears and face their shadow, and by doing so they liberate themselves from their own fear and any sense of powerlessness.


Participants learn self-mastery through ritualized check-ins, group Q&A sessions, and powerful course materials. Each participant is hand-selected for their fit and readiness for the program, and commits to “doing the work” to overcome their limiting beliefs and create an inner state of wellness, confidence, and stable power.


Participants in the program:


  • Break through limiting patterns and beliefs that hold them back from “having it all”

  • Generate peace of mind and inner resolve to walk on this earth as an Alpha, Awakened

  • Lay an inner foundation for stepping fully into their power in all areas of their life

  • Create a mental map to live their lives as fully actualized men, never questioning their purpose

See the article in Forbes.

Maverick Masters is a curated five-day, six-night mastermind-networking-adventure program.


Filled with world-class mastermind sessions with thought leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents sharing their best material and knowledge, and cutting-edge adventure sports like kiteboarding and river-waterfall-jumping, participants push the boundaries of who they know themselves to be - it's like no other program.


The event is a Mind-Body adventure where participants are tasked to overcome fear and step into their higher being. Each day includes morning sessions where all participants contribute to the group, providing personal and business breakthroughs and catalyzing each other’s growth.


The second half of each day participants connect with the greatest teacher of all, Mother Nature. They learn to harness the elements of wind and water they are connecting with, and meet the edge of their capacity to wield and channel power. They let go of trying to “control,” and instead learn mastery through developing their ability to “feel and be” in the moment, to find their Flow-state.  


Participants transform their mind, body, and soul, each and every day.


To ensure that all participants leave with deep, lasting connections and profound internal growth, Maverick Masters limits the number of attendees per program.


Some of our attendees have included:


Virgin Unite CEO Jean Oelwang, Emmy-nominated Executive Producer Adam Gilad, Coach, speaker and entrepreneur Jennifer Russell, and Silicon Valley veteran Steve Mock. Other attendees included South African-born inspirational speaker and writer Bruce Muzik, executive coach Bryan Franklin, Dutch entrepreneur Martyn Willet, MIXvoip founder Loic Didelot, and neurosurgeon Christopher Sneed.


There are no spectators in our programs, only players.

Be who you came here to be; a champion in the game of life.