MEN, This Is The Time Of Great Awakening… Are You Listening?


Make no mistake, EVERYTHING that is happening right now is a wake up call.

A call to wake you, to wake us, up. It is the clearest of calls: it is time to awaken and become real MEN in the world…

It is a call for you to stand for what you know is right, instead of sitting on the sidelines in silence while you watch everything you care about be defiled and destroyed in front of your eyes.

Just look at the pain and shadows that are being revealing right now: the fake news and manipulation of the truth, the hypocrisy and blatant lies by our leaders, the abuse of the helpless, the gross bigotry, the slander of the innocent, the killing of the innocent, the pillaging of the wealth and the environment of this world.

And what about the sexual violations, beyond count, across the landscape of society from Hollywood to Congress, the Senate, and the White House, from New York to Silicon Valley, and in our communities and amongst our friends and loved ones close to home? A very wise man once said to me:

“Do you know the difference between cowardice and courage? Courage is showing up.” Are YOU showing up?


The truth is only being revealed through the sheer courage of those speaking out and taking a stand. They are showing up. People have shared stories of atrocities beyond excuse in the #metoo and #itwasme movement... The violations and transgressions being exposed are beyond what can ever be accepted or tolerable, or painted over as “normal.”

Have you witnessed such an expression of courage like this before?

Have YOU ever been so courageous?

The harsh reality that is being revealed is that nearly ALL of the violence and abuse occurring in the world is perpetrated almost entirely by men. And you, we, know this.

Its OUR PROBLEM and OUR ISSUE, not theirs.

(If this powerful truth is surprising to you, watch this talk by Jackson Katz. He will remove your surprise.)

“They” are our girlfriends, our boyfriends, our partners, our peers, our colleagues, our friends, our sisters, our brothers, our mothers, our fathers,

All abused. All violated...

In almost all instances, by men.

Why is this all being revealed now?

It is time for MEN to AWAKEN, and act like who we are meant to be.

We all know life as men can be challenging.

Find the shittiest job on the planet, destroying the body and soul of the laborer, and it will probably be a man doing it. It will almost assuredly also be men running the operation.

Find the killing fields of war, and see it is men who start the wars... and in the greatest of cruelty, they throw other men, women, and children, into death like chaff into the wind.

Which of these men are you? Or do you choose differently?

Without question, life is full of hard to explain circumstances and harder to bear situations.

Yet in any situation, in any moment of your life, you get to choose WHO YOU ARE, by HOW YOU ACT.

Again, why is all of this being revealed now?

Because in this moment in time, in history, like no other, YOU ARE NEEDED.

Is any of what is happening far away, across this country, next door, in your relationships, in your own home, and in your soul making you feel a bit uncomfortable, upset, or uncertain about what to do, what to say, or how to show up?

If the answer you give is NO - then you are complicit in all of the egregious violations happening on the planet, to the earth, to its water, to the creatures, and to all its people. There is no neutral position here; you either stand for human dignity and rights of all beings, or you do not; you are being called to take a stand now, or will be called to account.

You can not be an observer in this game.

If you said YES, you are uncomfortable, upset, or uncertain about what to do, what to say, or how to show up, then know that all of this is being revealed to YOU, as a direct message to YOU, so the true leader YOU ARE can finally be AWAKENED and REVEALED.

I am talking about the true human being you are, with power beyond anything you have allowed yourself to openly demonstrate.

Yes, that YOU.

You know you have things to say.

You know you want there to be peace and harmony, prosperity and purpose, play and passion, and beauty and love in the world.

And you know you want all of that and more in your life, and surrounding all you do.

And you know you want this for your loved ones, friends, and family, and if you looked inside, for all people too.

All it takes is to BE a stand.

To stand for something, the first necessary act is to reclaim your power. Physically stand up, go outside, and speak to the sky, to yourself, to your soul, and DECLARE what you stand for.

Say it so YOU hear it. Say it so you can hear yourself become committed. That's how you reclaim your power; Commit to something greater than yourself.

That is what you are here to BE as a man.

You are here to be a steward of the earth and everything on it, caring for things greater than just you, and a provider, bringing your genius and gifts to the ongoing evolution in all things and all of us.

This is WHY you are here.

It is because you FEEL the pain of the planet, the pain in your heart, it is BECAUSE you KNOW the difference between what is right, and what is not, that you matter so much, that you are so important to us all.

This is the WHY you have been waiting for.

Purpose is not given, it is CHOSEN by YOU. It comes from within.

Notice committing to something larger than yourself makes you feel alive. Your sense of self arrives. You eyes light up. Your spirit wakes. Your sense of purpose brings clarity and focus. Your strength and courage flow through you gracefully, without limit.

The fact that your inner power comes on-line when you commit IS WHAT TELLS YOU that you are on the path of fulfilling your purpose.

Breathe it deeply in. Being full of power, clarity, and direction is your rightful state.

Now that you have awoken your true spirit, put it into immediate action. Show the universe, show yourself, that you are a man of your word, ready to show up and change the course of history:

Reach out to those you around you who have shared what has happened to them. Reach out to your friends on Facebook who have written a #metoo, and thank them for their vulnerability and their tremendous courage.

Apologize on behalf of men for what has happened to them. Ask forgiveness for allowing this to have continued for so long. Thank them for their strength and the compassion they bring into the world, that they demonstrate in their kindness and their willingness to continue bringing their light and love to the world despite their pain, and despite all of what has happened to them.

And share your commitment to them. Let them know you are willing to be counted as a man in the world who stands for them, and for all humans to be treated with respect and dignity.

Let them know you are here to change the future. Let them know you will no longer sit silent on the sidelines, complicit in this violence any more.

Let them know that you are here now. That you are committing to playing your part to make that greater world we all know is possible.

Let them know that you are willing to be held to this standard.

And feel yourself become alive, becoming the powerful being you are, here to shape the course of history by standing for things greater than yourself.

This is the Great Awakening.

It's time for you to find your courage, to show up, and to stand for what is possible.

We need YOU.

We have been waiting for YOU.

It is a time to be counted and create the world we came here to create.

Start now, share your commitment here by leaving a comment below and sharing this post.

Thank you for answering the call.


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