We speak on subjects that matter like culture, leadership, transformation, embodiment, generating results, strategic and personal alignment, and ‘the new masculinity.’


You can find us leading Strategic Alignment off-sites in The Big Apple for "Top 100 venture-backed startups in America", providing talks on Embodied Leadership in the Black Rock Desert at Burning Man, to guest-speaking on Rapid Transformation in podcasts with world-famous hosts.  


We do our work in the world to help awaken individuals, teams, and organizations to their true and unique gifts, from which everything is possible.


Our philosophy: We are here to Serve. We believe in a world where creation is the source of abundance, where the highest forms of relationships, businesses, and achievements are Win-Win, and the greatest game to play is Non Zero-Sum.

Some of the topics we have spoken on include:


  • The “States of Being” and the “HELL YES" - Finding your Highest Alignment

  • The Doing Creates the Feeling- How to Generate Willpower to Achieve any Result

  • Agency - The Act of Choosing as the Source of Power

  • “The Matrix” - Becoming “The One”  in Challenging Times

  • The Great Unknown - Your Greatest Ally

  • High Performance = High Maintenance

  • Calibration  - The True Dashboard of Manifestation

  • Agreements Versus Boundaries - How to Make Growth Unlimited

  • Handle the “NOW” to Handle the Future

  • “Winner Makes All” -  The Truth About Scarcity and Abundance

Let us know when we can ignite the passion, power, and purpose, in your team and audience.


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